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For Advertisers

VCS offers all the Facilities existing on market and offer some special technologies designed and created by our team. We prefer to spend more time on analysis and research and not more money on failed campaigns.

Targeting, good knowledge of the market and data collected during the last 10 years give us opportunities to reach the maximum quantity of satisfied users and clients.

Internet goes Mobile

I’ts not sensation that more than 75% of users surf the web via mobile devices. We have group of tools to reach mobile users in most convenient way and right time.

Tools to reach Mobile Users
  • Native Mobile Ads
  • Promotion in Telegram
  • Push Notifications
  • Targeted SMS Distribution
  • InAPP Ads Campaigns
  • WiFi Advertising

For Publishers

Demand for digital marketing services are growing fast and we always interested in engagement of new partners to our platform. We offers many options for cooperation besides classic integration and publishing. You can start your own Digital Marketing business in your region with our tools and network.

Some examples of cooperation:
  • Data Collection and Sharing
  • Paid and Exchanged Posts Publishing
  • Sharing Partners Materials on Your Social Media Channels
  • Push Notifications Subscription
  • InAPP Advertising
  • Integrations for video materials: streaming, content publishing and etc.
  • Lifetime Backlinks Posting


In our business one of main actives is good partners. VCS Online Advertising Agency for now is regional company but we started from small city and now we are interested in growing to global company with services for all over the World.

It will be great pleasure to meet our colleagues from all over the world and start do something epic together.

To our partners we offer equal permissions on our main markets for their offers and business expansionas well.

Our partners always gets best prices and exclusive offers first.

Don`t delay and pick a date for online meeting right now!